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Enjoy Golden Monkey & Mountain Gorillas in Uganda


Everybody wishes to experience these amazing and rarest mammals in the world but where you watch them from matters, Uganda is indeed gifted by nature because of the privileges she has in terms of inhabiting the endangered golden monkey and the mountain gorillas. These are majorly found in the gazetted areas of Bwindi Impenetrable and the Mount Mgahinga national park all located in south western Uganda in the districts of Kabale and Kisoro.

Mount Mgahinga national park is found to be in a well-established land for these monkeys and the gorillas because of its thick forest. This has ensured the persistent food supply to all the gorillas and the golden monkeys since they are said to be vegetarians and fulgurous.

This has resulted into a multiplicity of the gorillas hence accumulating in the two parks. Bwindi impenetrable national park is also recognized for its fourteen groups of gorillas and half of the world’s rest or remaining gorillas hence making Uganda a prominent gorilla trekking safari destination in the whole world. Golden monkeys which are not found elsewhere in the world are also seen here.

On reaching these two game parks, one can witness the beautifulness of these wise mammals, the way how the monkeys move from one tree to another up while displaying their glittering golden color all over the park is really so interesting. Silver back gorillas are widely spread in Mgahinga national park, the way they lead their families becomes a surprise to everybody who visit the park because of their characteristics that relates closely to those of a human being.

The male silver back gorillas plays a great role of protecting its entire family, lead them in all the areas where they search food from and also looking for food for the group. So wonderful to note is that after getting food the male ones enjoy most of the privileges of feeding first. The care female gorillas and female golden monkeys show to the young ones has no difference with that of the female human beings show to their babies including breast feeding and also back leaning their kids.

For Mgahinga national park, this is where gold meets silver as a result of the golden monkeys and the silver back gorillas. These are the only true residents for this park and other animals can also be seen on a small scale. Visiting these places can make every person enjoy what is missing in their homeland and also to appreciate the weather conditions within the park which is misty.

Gorilla permits in Uganda only cost $600 in other periods but during the promotion periods of April, May and November they cost $450, Gorilla habituation experience cost $1500 all for Foreign Non Residents. For Foreign Residents $500, $500 and the later $1000. For the local or those from the east African community only pay UGX250000 for gorilla tracking during non-promotion period, UGX150000 during promotion periods and for gorilla habituation experience only UGX750000 is paid. Golden monkeys tracking cost $50 for all foreigners and east African community members only pay $UGX20000, These are all favorable charges compared to other countries charges.

All these make Uganda a true destination for both gorilla tracking and the golden monkeys tracking and experience. To entertain all these, one needs to make prior preparations before travelling and one of the greatest companies to move with in Uganda is Nature Adventure Africa Safaris limited, this company can be entrusted because of their original and valuable services they render to their clients.

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