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Renting a Car in South Sudan: Things to Avoid

South Sudan Car rental

Renting a car in South Sudan is part of the travel experience many travelers tend to consider to be a straightforward but it takes a process. On the other hand, most visitors on South Sudan safari are not aware of how they can rent a car without making simple mistakes that may cost them thereafter. What are some of the things you should avoid when renting a car in South Sudan? Find out what things you shouldn’t do when hiring a car.

Rushing through the inspection

Car inspection is essential when renting a car in South Sudan or any country and this should be done thoroughly prior driving a car rental away. Do not be on a rush if you don’t want to incur costs related to damages that you may not have caused. Amazingly, most car rentals are in their better mechanical conditions, well-maintained however, there is possibility to find a scratch, spills, tears, stains in the interior and if you don’t pay attention, you will definitely take the cost upon returning the rental car. Car rental inspection should be done adequately before departure and when you return the car to the car hire agency.

Don’t return the car rental late

Depending on the car rental company/agency, there are charges that come because you returned the car late/beyond the agreed time. This can even be a full extra day in case you bring the vehicle beyond the time you agreed. On the day of returning your car rental, ensure you accord yourself enough time to avoid incurring costs you didn’t expect.

Paying extra for GPS/car seat

There are some costs you can avoid incurring if you are a keen car renter. Accessories like child car seat or Global Positioning System can be charged by some of the car hire company yet you can avoid it. If you have a smartphone, it is possible for you to use you to find direction or simply print out the directions or in case you have a portable GPS, why not carry it? But if you happen to carry your own GPS, don’t forget it back in the car rental on the date of returning it.

Prepaying for gas

Prepaid gas charges appeal to the desire for convenience but it denotes that you will pay a full tank of gas even when you return the vehicle with half full tank. However, it is good to fill up the tank yourself as there is possibility for you to get a relatively cheaper fuel station. Most important to take note, do not forget to fill the tank because the charge you may incur for filling it after drop-off may rise up.

Not shopping around

Car hire prices differ depending from one company to another. When renting a car, it is important to check through various car rental companies to help you ascertain which one is the best to deal with. In case you plan to drive long distances in South Sudan, ensure you have checked for mileage caps however, most car hire agencies provide unlimited mileage.

Purchasing additional insurance you do not require

In case you have auto insurance policy of your own, this may cover collision damage and personal liability for temporary use of car hire in South Sudan. In case you use a credit card to reserve and pay for a car rental, this may offer secondary collision coverage. Therefore, ensure you have cross checked if you have auto insurance policy to be certain prior hiring a car because it

Hiring a car at the airport

When you land at the airport, you will find different car rental companies but hiring a car at airport comes with airport surcharges. But you can avoid such costs and save a lot more by renting a car outside. Most car hire companies offer airport transfer to and from and this is convenient enough compared to if you booked at the airport.

Check on your way out for a place to refuel the car from and even when returning it.

The best time you can identify the ideal point to refuel your car rental is as soon as you pick it. As you drive out of the airport/car hire company offices, look around for local gas stations and get to know which one has favorable prices. You can figure out en-route to your destination (this is better since you aren’t under pressure unlike when return the car and you want to catch up with your flight back home yet you are supposed to refuel the car before drop off).

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