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Rwanda Tops East Africa’s Adventure Destinations

Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

Rwanda tops Africa’s best adventure destination for 2016 with its decade treasure well conserved attractions the mountain gorillas. Today Rwanda the smallest country in East Africa has become the finest destination not only for travel but also business attracting hundreds of foreign investors worldwide .The US A business delegates, hotel investors and many other have chosen Rwanda as best out of all the African countries.

Tour operators have introduced new Rwanda safari itineraries with many focusing exclusively on the country’s main attractions, the mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park plus other new adventures. There is a vast range of quality adventure activities on offer in this charming beautiful and friendly country in the East Africa region. The great opportunity of exploring the magnificent and varied attractions of Rwanda, which experiencing its rich culture is what draws millions to the country every year.

Rwanda tour operators have designed several new tour adventures with special emphasis on culture and natural beauty and the tourist interest exceeded their expectations. Many foreign tourists to Rwanda for Rwanda safaris enjoy seeing mountain gorillas in the wild, watch birds, view wildlife, hike the volcanoes, track chimps & golden monkeys as well as exploring the countries culture and the friendly people well being. Among the many trips done in Rwanda each day Rwanda gorilla tracking tours rank best with 99% interest every year, followed by chimpanzee tracking and golden monkey with 80% and hiking the volcanoes with 70% plus birding and wildlife viewing.

The shortest Rwanda gorilla safari goes for 1 day, followed by a 3 day gorilla tracking tours. Those with more time like heading out for Rwanda gorillas and chimpanzee tracking safari from 5-7 days. Discovering Rwanda beautiful attraction isn’t only for Rwanda tourists but also for business travelers as wells as locals and foreign investors. Rwanda as a country has all it takes for one to have a fabulous Africa holiday so its time and the time is now to start planning for a Rwanda tour holiday.

Rwanda safaris include Budget & camping tours, luxury tours as well as midrange tours. This is because travelers to the country spend differently depending on their interest and reason of travel. Big spender travelers require exclusive luxury Africa holidays while other spends moderately and other love adventuring on a tight budget. In addition to Rwanda adventures, the hotel industry is also growing day by day near different attractions in order to cater or the increasing travel demand of travelers to the country of all kinds. Lodges cater for all budgets according to the traveler’s interest and budget.

Already on offer are Rwanda advanced travel trend and quality services which specialists believe will inspire more travelers to the country not only in 2016 but even after .Besides there are also itineraries which call for multiple cross boarder adventures especially to Rwanda and Congo and Rwanda and Uganda giving travelers a chance to also explore other neighboring countries and have several amazing stories and memories to keep and tell others. As you know Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo are one of the lucky countries with the world remaining mountain gorilla population which shared with only Rwanda in the region. Besides one can view wildlife, track gorillas and chimps, take boat rides, Hot Balloon safaris as well as engage in other adventures which will make your stay more outstanding. Above all Rwanda become the most exclusive gorilla tracking destination because it offers travelers a unique chance to track manageable gorilla families as well as easy hiking grounds for those travelers who can walk but not too fit.

Highlights of a Rwanda Trip include coming face to face with Mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, and other 13primate species. Enjoying a warm hospitality of the Rwanda people from hotels to communities boost the countries culture and love for people every day. Elephants, giraffes, Lions, Antelopes, Buffaloes also wait for you at Akagera Rwanda’s birding paradise and a wildlife haven. The Rwanda amazing views is something which you will fall in love with at first sight following other attractions. Tour operators and driver guides are well informed and organized offering affordable Rwanda trips to all Rwanda travelers year round. The local belief of locals about some rocks and water falls is too interesting .But there is also a wide variety of local Art, crafts in the markets and village community retail shops please make it apoint to stop by and take one home as a souvenir in memory of Africa and Rwanda in particular.

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