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5 Reasons to Go on A Self Drive Safari in Uganda


Renting a car plus a driver guide in Uganda is the best way for you to achieve the Africa of your dreams. For those of you who are planning for your next safaris to Uganda, you can rent a car in Uganda for solo travel or both the car and guide and you will have the most enjoyable vacation of lifetime. Like other travel experiences, self drive adventures in Uganda equally come with benefits and several reasons why it should be a must for you to undertake it in Uganda. Guided tours have existed for long compared to self drive tours. Each of these comes with advantages but self drive adventures are known to offer visitors with flexible and comfortable trips as well as the most inspirational and magical ways for visitors to easily explore more on what this remarkable destination offer for the world travelers. You can choose to embark on a tour to its spectacular national parks and other wildlife protected areas. Below are some of the benefits why you need to undertake a self drive adventure in Uganda;

Completely convenient

Uganda self drive safaris are absolutely convenient despite your class or where you are heading to and you may not find this with guided safaris where your tourist sites are selected by you and many others. With self drive tours, you have a freedom to enjoy attractions at your own pace and this helps to widen your knowledge on the number of tourist attractions that make this country truly the pearl of Africa.


One of the main benefits of hiring a vehicle plus a driver guide is that a visitor doesn’t have to be with maps or have worries on which direction to take. Our driver guides are well trained, experienced and they have adequate knowledge about every corner where most of Uganda’s tourist attractions are located. With this, you will only concentrate on exploring more about wildlife species and other attractions that this country offers for the world.

Trained, insightful and knowledgeable driver guides

Whereas solo travel has become the most sought after travel experience, for first time travelers, you may not know all spots where incredible attractions are located and yet they are areas of interest for you while on Uganda vacation. With well trained driver guides, you will certainly have the most enjoyable safari in lifetime as they able to spot out the hide out of most leopards and lions including the rare tree climbing lions as they are relaxing in the tree branches.


The driver guide who will accompany you will ensure that you don’t just enjoy the spectacular views of wildlife species but also he will ensure that you are safe from wild animals. For solo travelers, it is risky for you to be in the wilderness without a guide. Tour guides can guide you on how to behave while with the wild animals as they are knowledgeable about the behavior of wildlife species.

Cultural interaction

While most travelers on Uganda safari come mainly for wildlife viewing, you can also combine cultural encounters in your wildlife safari and you will certainly have the most memorable trip in your life. This offers you opportunity to explore the lifestyles and traditional practices of surrounding communities. If you are planning for your trip to Mount Elgon National Park, you can visit Bagisu community for Imbalu circumcision; for gorilla trekking safaris you can visit the Batwa community to encounter more about the famous Batwa pygmies the renowned forest dwellers who lived in the forest for more than 500000 years while hunting and gathering and left without any negative impact in the environment.

In conclusion, while there are very many ways that you can easily enjoy your vacation in Uganda, undertaking a self drive safari is undeniably one of the most rewarding experiences that you should consider in your next holiday in the pearl of African.

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