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Holiday travels in Rwanda come in many shapes and sizes, so there’s always something to suit all needs and budgets in different perspectives. Widely Known for the mountain gorilla safaris and hills, Rwanda is also the land of natural devotion in Africa where the sun shines year round & a joyful ground for wildlife tours, beach, forest walks, fishing, culture and many others. Finding good tours deals in Rwanda has never been easier than by booking with a tour Operator. They have all the details of different attractions in different country locations so they can find you something to do at a good price. When it comes to Rwanda lodges and hotels, they have details about the room availability and facilities. Sinply send them your travel dates, negotiate for the best price offer and relax back to wait for the right time to start your Rwanda adventure.

The country waits to host the happiest day of your life for either special travel adventures, celebrations of life events (wedding, honeymoon, anniversaries, and birthdays) or joining the local community to make a difference in their daily life with friends and family on volunteer basis. Thousands chose Rwanda in Africa as the finest tourism destination looking back at what they experienced, its magical attractions, the hilly land, plus its people and hospitality. Several safari tours can be arranged directly with the locals, hotel owners and tour operators varying from duration & costs. For most tours to the Rwanda national parks are combined with other attractions which hold exceptional value, hotels/lodges of the selected tourist destinations to reflect the taste and style of a true African safari tour.

Besides the all trips to Rwanda are as romantic as special honey moon holiday packages which start with Welcome drink upon arrival, Sparkling wine, fruit platter and flowers, Candlelit dinner for two, exclusive, health and beauty therapies, Special room decorations, Champagne breakfast in bed, personalized dinner menus for example the four days Rwanda safari to volcanoes national park and lake kivu with an optional city tour in Kigali. Rwanda tourism reputation is superb not only political but also social paying attention to detail ensuring a unique travel experience with exclusive level of ultimate quality in personal service making your stay unforgettable.

We dropped in Rwanda in 2014 for a tailor made gorilla safari tour to volcanoes national park and lake kivu. Our trip was wonderful and we were never disappointed at any point. Our driver guide was the best and he took good care of us throughout our stay. We booked our tour 6months to the travel date giving apple time for our tour operator to arrange all our trip essentials in good time. Our lodges Mountain Gorilla view and lake kivu serena hotel where very good, nice food and staff, awesome beach setting, wide rooms with both sea &, forest views, free wifi etc. This is the reason as to why I chose Rwanda as my best tourism destination in Africa and I believe if you also consider spending your holiday in the land of thousand hills, the memorable experience will make you feel the same.

Entry visa to Rwanda

Not all foreign visitors to Rwanda need the entry permit to visit Rwanda but to those who fall in the other category it’s good to process or work on your entry visa when you still in your home country though it’s also possible for you to get a tourist Visa upon arrival at Kigali international airport at accost of a only $30. Valid for 90 days. Check online for Rwanda visa details and take your applications to a Rwandan Diplomatic Missions in your country of residence for processing. Or if you don’t have the Rwanda mission in your country make sure you request for the Visa acceptance letter online which will be presented on arrival along with the $30 notes.

Nationals who don’t require Rwanda visa include the Democratic Republic of Congo Philippines, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Singapore. While travelers from Australia, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Republic of South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States of America are free to get Rwanda visa upon arrival so need for applying in advance at a cost of $30 valid for 90 days. Make it a point to apply for a Rwanda visa before travel if you not from the above mentioned countries.

Uganda to Rwanda in 1hour

The Best way to discover Africa is by visiting Uganda and Rwanda on a combined safari and if time permits you can add on other Africa countries of your interest. The maximum number of days required for this adventure is 9-10 days. But if your interest is trekking the mountain gorillas then 5-7 days are just enough. You will go gorilla trekking in Bwindi national park of Uganda and volcanoes national park of Rwanda. Many unique holidays are designed in these two destinations some to only Uganda or Rwanda and some are combined for both countries. Tours include exclusive Uganda gorilla safaris, Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris, & chimpanzee safaris, Culture safaris, Home stay safaris, Uganda birding safaris, nature & ecotourism safaris, wildlife safaris, adventure & mountaineering safaris, charity challenge biking tours, volunteerism & sustainable safaris among others.

However if you have limited time Rwanda is the best though both countries have a lot to offer to guests if given the opportunity. Some travelers fear visiting two different countries because of the long hours spent on road while connecting from one destination to another which isn’t the case with Rwanda and Uganda. The two countries are close to each other in location and share boarder boundaries at Katuna using safari vehicles to connect to both counties, public buses to Rwanda either way and some only spend 1hr to connect to both countries by air using the multiple airline companies which operate flights from Kigali international airport (KGL) to Entebbe international airport (EBB) at only a fare rate of $265-300 for a return ticket though its subjected to change.

You chose to start your tour from Rwanda and end it in Uganda or either way which depends on your interest and sometimes the airport you used as your destination when booking your flights. If you booked your flight to Kigali international airport (KGL) you will begin with Rwanda safari adventures and end with Uganda the pearl of Africa. No need to use different travel agents since one agent can work on all arrangements perfectly .if you back packing in both countries its good to hire a private tax or book a ticket from a bus company who carrys passengers to Uganda from Rwanda and from Rwanda to Uganda. Find the bus offices at the bus operating terminals in both countries.