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Recommended Honeymoon Destinations in Uganda


In East Africa, Uganda is one of the magical tourism destinations and a highlight of many trips to Africa. Its strategic location, weather, green vegetation has led to fascinating history that dates back to being called the ‘Pearl of Africa’ though some prefer calling it the country Gifted by nature. Besides its also known as the country with meaningful islands Bunyonyi (the Switzerland of Africa) & Ssese, the land of lakes with many beaches, and water sport activities like boat cruise, Sunset rides making every guest comfortable and relaxed throughout their stay. Your honeymoon in Uganda lays at your feet a gorgeous mélange of aromatic adventures in all the country’s national park not forgetting the Gorilla tracking and Chimpanzee/Primate Treks that are memorable in a life time, spectacular scenery, breath taking views and vibrant wildlife fields.

The country’s city night life is another added advantage where you enjoy candle light dinners in well eco-friendly setting hotels, restaurants and bars. Celebrating your marriage and new life together begs for a stunning, original and a wonderfully memorable destination. Uganda meets and exceeds any expectation for the very best escape in a naturally conserved national park & a sun soaked island of romantic drama and excitement. The African Touch of culture and local people influence makes the country have the most wonderful culture in the world easy to adapt.

Locally Made Crafts & Gifts in Africa

Nothing is as rewarding as picking up a locally produced, hand-made gift to remember your Africa honeymoon safari in one of Uganda’s best Gift Quality shops with main locations at the Equator in Kayabwe, Daisy Arcade on Buganda Road in the city centre and even in the craft shops just outside the park attractions. Sometimes you can even make a request for a special gift with deliveries in just a day’s time. You’ll find the Handicraft Centers very excellent full of quality craft, pottery, woven baskets, sound instruments and much more. Make it appoint to visit if time permits.

Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Bwindi Forest national park is the finest adventure site in the pearl of Africa Uganda a place to consider when looking at rare wildlife safari adventures. Gorilla tracking in the forest is wonderful experience you’ll always remember and even have stories to tell your little ones. Thousand book this adventure year round but it has remained exceptionally well preserved and gives you the chance to view and take photos of the gentle giant apes the Gorillas in the wild. The Gorilla expeditions make Uganda more unique in nature, beautiful and attractive.Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!

The Might Water falls in Murchison Park

Spicy up your stays by taking a boat cruise in Murchison falls National Park and also hike to the top of the falls. This is a lovely activity which everyone would at least love to do while in Uganda. The park can be visited year round and you will enjoy wildlife (The Big five), a sound of the falls, cool weather is a must and a Rhino sanctuary is a complement for the trip. However Uganda is a home to several attractions and each is unique in its way though four National parks are most visited Bwindi forest, Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls and Kibale forest. But The Islands are a must visit to many guests heading to the country side.

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