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Ecotourists find Uganda as a New Hotspot


Tourism in Uganda is becoming a booming business! More and more people see Uganda as a holiday destination as more tours are being offered in the region. In 2012, Uganda was voted among the 10 best destinations to visit by the Lonely Planet.

Compared to the more developed neighboring countries, Kenya and Tanzania, this troubled nation has been a slow starter in the region. Attributed to both domestic wars and political instability Uganda has not been visited by the mainstream tourists who have been taking safaris in Tanzania and Kenya.

In 1998 a fatal tragedy shocked the country and the world, when several Western tourists were killed in a hostage drama near Bwindi Impenetrable National Park by the Interahamwe Rebels from the neighboring Rwanda. After this incident, the Uganda government has done a lot to tighten its security along its borders and in the past 14 years much has changed in the country. Tours are offered throughout Uganda and tourist explore the beauty that this unspoiled country has to offer. Uganda is eco-holiday destination number one.

An Uganda holiday has it all. Stunning natural areas surrounded by cloud-covered mountains. Dropping valleys and gently sloping hills with flourishing green vegetation.

With all that beauty you might be worried that it will all get lost if mass-tourism hits Uganda. But that is where Uganda is one step ahead of the rest. The government puts nature preservation before tourism, to keep the nature unspoiled and beautiful.

All this talk of stunning beauty has gotten you curious, hasn’t it?

Two random examples of an amazing holiday in Uganda that you can go on are an expedition on the Nile, or visiting the mystical mountain gorillas on a gorilla trek in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

But there is much more!

Many birders have visited Uganda! This country hosts more than 1065 bird species including rare birds like the Shoebill stork.

So don’t hesitate! The beauty will blow your mind away!

Many travelers ask questions about Uganda

What is the safety factor for traveling in Uganda, working with villages, gorilla trekking etc.?

Uganda is a safe destination. Just like other destinations around the world, take caution while traveling through cities where there might be pick pocketers, thieves, etc.

What is the best time to visit Uganda?

Uganda can be visited all year round. Travelers can visit the gorillas and enjoy game viewing all year round though many prefer to visit the country during the dry season.

What is the best way to enjoy Safaris in Africa?

With reference to the gorilla safaris – They are still going and have done without problems, but please bear in mind these are well organized group tours and are secure.

What is the minimum age for gorilla trekking?

The minimum age for Gorilla Trekking is 15 years of age and applies to ALL of the protected areas. You can find any information on gorilla trekking from www.gorillatrekkinguganda.com

How safe would you say white water rafting is? and what injections would you need for there if u were camping for most of the time?

The rafting is a Grade 5 designation which means it can be pretty tough. A couple of different companies run the rafting in different spots and although the safety record and equipment used is good it is still a ‘extreme sport’. All care is taken obviously but nothing can be guaranteed when it comes to this type of activity.

It is advisable to contact your local GP or Travel Clinic for the latest updates on required immunizations for Africa. I would recommend Yellow Fever (don’t forget to get the certificate) and some malaria protection at the least.

Happy travels to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa!

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