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Rwanda Set to Present Tourism Potentials at the World Summit

Kigali City of Rwanda

History, culture, and natural beauty somehow describe best the reality of Rwanda safari tours though the experience goes beyond everyone’s imagination. As Rwanda prepares to host the largest global conference (world Summit) that will take place next month in the Capital Kigali, Rwanda is set to present its top tourism potential to all African leaders, international investors and travel professionals. With its rich culture, landscape, hospitality, amazing attractions along with mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and golden monkeys.

Visitors to Rwanda find it difficult to make choice because every place and attraction is interesting and unique. Whoever likes sightseeing and primates, Rwanda is a home of the most incredible primates and primate experience blows your mind off for a life time if done in Nyungwe forest or Volcanoes national park. Those who come around for recreational activities Lake Kivu in Gisenyi has the perfect setting for not only beach fun but also filled up with fresh winds that make you think fresh while in the area. Memorable genocide sites and several historical places are everywhere in smaller towns and villages and this makes the Rwandan people to celebrate their traditions every day.

At the heart of Rwanda capital Kigali, a home to many fine museum, markets, genocide sites and business center, city lovers can find the possible day world of adventure if given chance to see what it has to offer. Though Rwanda is a small African country but it will host the host 41st Annual World Tourism Conference from 14th to 17th November aims at promoting tourism as an engine for economic growth and job creation across the continent. The four-day high level event that will be hosted for the first time in Rwanda is expected to convene African leaders, international investors and travel professionals.

The event is organized by the leading global trade association promoting travel and tourism to Africa and strengthening intra-Africa partnerships CATA) together with the government of Rwanda. Speaking to reporters on Friday, Belize Kaliza, Chief Tourism Officer at Rwanda Development Board (RDB), is delighted to host major tourism forum that presents an opportunity to the country to showcase its tourism attractions and investment opportunities.“The event will illustrate how the sector offers unique rich cultural, historical and natural assets to the full benefit of the country’s tourism industry,” she added.

Still the Chief Tourism officer Rwanda Development Board said that, Rwanda has achieved a step forward in boosting the tourism industry through events including the baby gorilla naming event that is celebrated every year. Besides the country also hosts several tourism events across the country whose main aim is Rwanda tourism marketing. The tourism and conservation exhibition and the cultural week event are one of the other significant tourism events Rwanda has ever hosted. According to RDB tourism statistics, the industry registered more than 340 million U.S dollars in revenues in 2015, indicating a 10 percent increase from 2014.Did you know African tourism industry is worth 44 billion U.S dollars?

This was confirmed by the report released by the Africa Tourism Monitor 2015.Above all the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) says that Africa continent ‘s travel  and hospitality has  multiplied in size  in less than 15 years. However, Africa has the best holiday experience across the world being the fastest growing tourist destination second to south East Asia.

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