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A fitness Bootcamp on Idyllic Watamu Beach, Kenya


Rejuvenate your body and mind, improve your fitness and health level and watch exotic wildlife, all in one place and at the same time! Wild Fitness, a bootcamp operating from Baraka House (located at Kenya’s dazzling Watamu Beach), offers this experience that could alter your lifestyle.

Tara Wood founded the Wild Fitness in 2001, and the idea has since been widely acknowledged. Her design of fitness holiday was derived from her passion for the natural outdoors and conviction in the potential of the human body. Tara was raised in Kenya and realized that remaining outdoors amidst nature, being active and eating well could boost your mood and health like no medicine could and she wanted the others you experience it.

The “holiday”

The power of a Wild Fitness bootcamp comes from an entirely immersive experience: eating, moving and living as if nature designed it for the length of your stay. Wild Fitness team ensures all that through its philosophy. You are sure to feel more energized than you have since many years, become fitter, stronger, and more flexible. It helps improving your posture, and modifies your approach to food and healthy eating, prompting you to challenge yourself and get new respect for your amazing body!

The bootcamp programmes conducting for small groups are designed to meet the requirements of individuals. These comprise of fitness assessment, lifestyle and nutritional counselling, massage, and taxing physical activities including running, swimming, boxing, snorkelling, canoeing, and flexibility/posture correction workshops. On coming back home you’ll be a healthier happier man. Making an allowance for the reviews of some of the participants the result is up to the promise: the holiday is really transformative!

The location

Baraka House is snuggled in the coastal forest, home to flashing butterflies, monkeys and miniature antelope. It is located on a perfect beach opposite the famous Watamu National Marine Park, a site for some of the premium snorkelling on the East African Coast. Easily accessible from the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, it’s an excellent starting point for watching butterflies and birds. The place is just about five-minute drive from Watamu village.

Watamu, a sleepy small fishing village, is sighted on one of ten best beaches of the world, with its dazzlingly white sand. You find teeming coral reefs opposite the Baraka House and at its back is the intriguing Sokoke forest reserve. With Mida creek, a turtle breeding area, on its side, Watamu is nominated for its terrific natural beauty by the UN.

Baraka, in local language stands for joy and welfare, conveys the flavor of its charming surrounding. This eco lodge offers: three luxury ensuite bedrooms, experienced staff and chef, direct entrance to snorkelling in Coral Gardens…

To get more information on Wild Fitness bootcamp visit www.wildfitness.com

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