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Ghana Slashes Aviation Fuel Price by 20%

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President John Mahama, at the inauguration of the new Ghana Civil Aviation Authority’s Trianing School, assured airline companies of 20 per cent reduction in the price of aviation fuel.

This follows appeals by the aviation industry stakeholders which reached the President that Ghana’s fuel is considered the most costly in the sub-region. Nigeria and Benin sell a litre of the aviation fuel for 2.30 dollars, and Cameroon for 1.94 dollars whereas in Ghana a litre costs 3.14 dollars.

Due to the situation, a significant number of airline companies purchase fuel from other countries. However the President anticipates that this will increase fuel sales in Ghana.

“One of the complaints that I have constantly received is that of Accra having the highest cost of aviation with several airlines lifting fuel from outside Accra. As a result, we have consulted with the National Petroleum Authority and it has agreed to adjust the price of aviation fuel and reduce it by 20 percent,” he said.

He also noted that, “The NPA will be announcing the details shortly and I am sure this will improve the volumes of passenger traffic that the airlines register and it will make Ghana a preferred destination for fuelling up.”

The change is also due to the imposition of taxes on some petroleum products.

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