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Gorilla Trekking Africa- Frequently Asked Questions


There are various questions which have been put across about the activity of Gorilla trekking. Usually the questions which have been considered here include; how the mountain gorillas look like, how they feed during the day, and whether mountain gorillas are dangerous species. Some tourists have always asked whether the endangered mountain gorillas hurt during the trekking time.

How the Mountain gorillas look like.

The Mountain Gorillas look like human beings with the male ones being two times the size of the females. Research has shown that the males grow to six (6) feet. They have been noticed to weigh three hundred to five hundred pounds. This weight makes them very strong with very long arms which are very muscular. In the tropical rain forest, the males are called the Silver back and this has been so because the males do mature the hair on their back. This resembles silver being given the name silver back. They silver backs do head each gorilla family and they are very strong and gigantic with their arms stretching to seven feet. The other notable feature about mountain gorillas is that they do possess very long and very dark. This is in comparison with their lowland counterparts since they do stay in very colder climates and very higher altitudes with their life span being forty and fifty years.

What is the relationship between mountain gorillas and human beings?

There is a very big relationship between the mountain gorillas and the humans. The most outstanding and fascinating fact about the relationship between mountain gorillas and human beings is that they do share approximately ninety eight percent of their genetic composition. This major comparison between the mountain gorillas and the human beings.

Where are the mountain gorillas found?

Mountain gorillas can only be found in Africa specifically in East Africa in three countries which are Rwanda, Congo and Uganda. The apes are found in the forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in the land of a thousand hills and Virunga national park in Congo. These are the only places where mountain gorilla safaris can be done and the experience one gains in one of the destination is the same as the one in anther.


How do mountain gorillas spend the day while in the jungle?

The mountain gorilla’s day starts in the very early in the morning at around 6 am up to 6 pm. This is followed with a doze at around lunch time. The country (Uganda) receives light just past 6am and darkness falls around 7 pm. The mountain gorillas do move each day to many different locations. To the destinations they make, they make nests using the twigs plus the leaves. It here where they spend their nights.

Will the mountain gorilla hurt me during the trek?

Though very dominant and very strong, the mountain gorillas are very shy and the families which are in Uganda’s national parks have been habituated. Whereas these gigantic apes are threatened, they do attack so as to protect their very own selves. When they are moving, they do this in groups which differ from 2-30 and there is no specific mating season since babies are born through the year. When they are communicating, they do so through sounds like roars, grunts and shouts.

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