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5 Things to Help You Get the Most Out of a Gorilla Trek

Gorilla in Bwindi

Mountain gorillas are one of the most interesting primates to watch in their natural habitats as you interact with them by observing them do their social antics, learn about them and also enjoy and take pictures of them. With their unique social antics that are almost similar to human beings, it is why gorilla trekking has become so popular in the world as people come to Uganda or Rwanda to meet their closest cousins in the animal kingdom. There are only three countries where you can encounter the mountain gorillas that is Uganda, Rwanda and Congo but Uganda and Rwanda bring out the best gorilla trek experience as each differ from the other as for Uganda it is more adventurous and explorative and for Rwanda it gives ease to trek the gorillas. However, like any other wildlife safari you have to prepare to get the best out of the gorilla trek safari in Uganda and Rwanda;

Dress up clothes that cover your body properly

Put in mind that during gorilla trekking you walk through the bush and forested jungles of Bwindi national park pr volcanoes national park where you encounter thorns, nettles, protruding branches on the walking trails, insects and pesky that can cause skin damages. You have to put on head gears, long pants, carry gloves, jackets and sweaters and also ornaments for insect bites.

Prepare your body and mental for the trek

Gorilla trekking takes a lot of time as you hike the forested jungles searching for the gorillas and this normally takes 2-8 hours. It is really a very physical and challenging activity. So you have to be fit and also have a good mental strength that you can walk for long distances and hours. However, when you reach the gorillas, you can never think of the distance you have come because the moment with gorilla is very tremendous.

Carry all the essential tools

There are important things, the gorilla tracker is supposed to have like sunscreens, water proof bag, camera, walking sticks, and drinking water and some edibles and insect repellents. These equipment are of serious help while in the jungle trekking the gorillas.

Get the ideal time to trek the gorilla

In Uganda and Rwanda there are two weather seasons i.e. dry and wet seasons throughout the year. Gorilla trekking is carried out in both seasons. However, there are people who find it hard to trek the gorillas in wet season as it is very challenging as the trails are slippery and there is a lot of mist and frost in the forest. So it is better to choose a dry season where the forest is crystal clear and the trails are in fine form.

Make your trip well organized

Making an expedition is very exciting and yields joy but when in an organized in matter. To do the latter, look for a tour company in Uganda or Rwanda to make a very organized itinerary of your gorilla safari so that there are no inconveniences like time delays, losing your bearing and also losing your bearings.

Uganda or Rwanda gorilla safaris are one of the most amazing safari trips in the world as you come close to nature through man’s closest cousins “the gorillas”.

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