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Guide to Climbing the Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori Hike

Are you an adventure enthusiast and you want to try something more challenging this coming holiday? Well, if this is what you need then go on a safari in Uganda and visit the Rwenzori Mountain ranges in Western Uganda. Climbing the Rwenzori mountains is the best way to go. Hiking through this magnificent mountain is strenuous but rewards travel endeavors with breathtaking experiences. Not only does it reward you with incredible views of its surrounding areas but also allows you to explore diverse attractions like endemic flora and fauna species and on its summit, you will be amazed by its stunning glaciers. For any plans to be part of the hiking experience, we have provided you with a guide below for you to have enjoyable travel experiences.

In order for you to set off for hiking adventures at Rwenzori Mountain range, you need to book your vacation with a recognized company and you can do so through us and we can connect you the 2 (two) ground companies that can take you through your exploration for instance the Rwenzori Trekking Service-this takes visitors on climbing adventures in this remarkable mountain. The guides are very knowledgeable, friendly, experiences. The other is the Rwenzori Mountaineering Services whose headquarters are found in Ibanda Village and also have an office in Kasese.

The length of the trek

Adventuring through the Rwenzori Mountain range requires about 8 days or more for you to have a complete hike. It takes you through distinct areas including rainforest, bamboo, heather zone, glacier zone, alpine zone and others. You will also have a chance to catch a glimpse at the endemic plant species in this area and then be amazed with breathtaking views at the summit.

The cost of hiking Rwenzori Mountain

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) charges about $35 each day for gate entry and you will be required to pay it in cash at the entry into Rwenzori Mountain National Park. Besides, you also need some money to cater for cases of hiring gear for instance the sleeping bags, sweater or rain jacket, gloves and others.

Best time to go to climb Mount Rwenzori

The Rwenzori Mountain range lies within the Rwenzori Mountain National Park that features chilly temperatures ranging from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius and tends to be very cold at night. The rain season is characterized by heavy rains and the dry season comes with less rain and best for you catch a glimpse at variety of wildlife at the park. This mountain is best hiked from June to August and then from December to February.

Where to stay

For visitor overnight stay, you can opt for Rwenzori Trekkers Hostel and then the many huts that are distributed in different levels at the mountain. Each stage of your hike has a hut for you to spend a night. For the case of food, you can arrange with a tour operator or the association of the Rwenzori Mountaineering Services (RMS) or alternatively buy some from the local market prior the actual trip. You even hire a person to help you cook.

Packing list

Like most adventures, climbing Rwenzori Mountain requires you to pack appropriately and the key items include warm socks, warm hat, warm jacket/rain jacket, snow gloves, layers, sleeping mat, cutlery, waterproof trousers, bottled water, jumper, sleeping bags, torch, waterproof hiking boots that are light weight. Besides, you can hire a porter to help you carry your heavy luggage.

Getting to Mount Rwenzori

You can reach Mount Rwenzori by road-from Kampala through Mbarara to Kasese or drive from Kampala via Fort Portal or via Kasese road. Mount Rwenzori National Park is about 75 kilometers drive south along Fort Portal road and 25 kilometers from Kasese Town.

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