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Things to do in Morocco
On the coastline, don’t overlook the fishing port of Essaouira, considered amongst the greatest of African holiday destinations that draws surfers and enthusiasts of wind sports from all over the world. Wander through its streets lined with beautiful houses painted in red and blue, listening to the traditional music.

From Tangier you can travel to any part of this country, like the regal cities of Rabat – the Nation’s capital- Marrakesh and Fez, all attracting herds of visitors, as they have been doing since ages.

Having had your fill of peace and tranquillity on the beaches, it’s time to visit Marrakech, big, noisy and beautifully historic. They say you can spend a day (or a lifetime) soaking up the drama at Djemaa el-Fna, the main square of Marrakesh. Other highlights include the Marjorelle Gardens, Saadian Tombs, Palace Museum and the souqs (covered market). Here’s your chance of enriching you experience by staying in a riad guesthouse, and venturing some traditional dishes.

Fez is recognised as the country’s religious and cultural centre and remained Morocco’s capital for over 400 years. Old Fez is the biggest existing Islamic medieval city of the world. Green – the colour of Islam – is also the colour of Fez. Try looking for a door or tile in any colour other than green!

Meknes is third imperial city of Morocco. Though smaller and a bit more relaxed than Marrakech and Fez, it has similar charms and easier to steer through on your own. It’s worth visiting the Roman ruins of Volubilis in its close proximity.

In the Moroccan desert, in case you like to escape all the above, Morocco has a couple of more interesting things to offer. Go trekking to the High Atlas Mountains to triumph over Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak of North Africa. Or just take a camel ride to the Sahara and watch the sun setting above an ocean of sand.

Accommodation in Morocco

There is no dearth of accommodations in Morocco, expected to host 13 million visitors in 2015. You can stay at a place of your style and choice within your budget. Other than the luxury hotels and resorts, you could experience staying in eco-lodges or kasbahs in the mountains and riads in the city medinas.

How to reach there
You get all the three options of travelling by road, sea and air. There are two bus companies operating regular buses from Casablanca to all the important cities of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, from where it’s the closest.

And, should you decide to travel by sea, opt for one of the ferry services operating from different parts of Europe to many ports of Morocco along its Mediterranean coast. Easily, the busiest route is Spain-Tangier, taking just over an hour.