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Malawi in the southeast of Africa is a beautiful small country, though smallest in that continent, it is easily one of the most beautiful. This landlocked country has Zambia to the northwest, Tanzania in its northeast, and Mozambique” on the east, south and west. Probably, because of its geographical location it is not so frequently visited a country and that’s what makes it so interesting and attractive.

Lake Malawi – a snorkeling and diving haven
Despite its small size, Malawi offers variety of attractions to visitors. The country is separated from Tanzania and Mozambique by Lake Lalawi, which forms its biggest attraction. This lake on its eastern border goes down about 600 Km from its north to the south with width going up to 100Km!

The lake is a haven for enthusiasts of boat activities and water sports with some of the most excellent freshwater diving sites in the world. It has a widely diverse species of fresh water fish. Researchers from WWF have already discovered more than 500 species that are exclusive to this lake and not found anywhere else in the world.

9 National Parks and Wildlife Reserves
Unlike its neighbors, Malawi may lack the number of large mammals, especially predators, but it more than makes up for that in many other ways. Malawi provides thorough and restricted wildlife viewing in unspoilt areas of real wilderness. It possesses a rich diversity of flora and fauna and has nine national parks and wildlife reserves.

Liwonde National Park, one of the finest, is spread over 548 sq km in the south of Lake Malawi. Along the shores of the lake and the river one can watch amazing bird life and also Malawi’s only population of Lillian’s lovebird. Here, you can also watch palm nut vultures, Pell’s fishing owls, and African fish eagles. And, if you plan your visit during dry season you stand a very good chance of watching herds of elephant, sable, hippo, and kudu, as there is less of vegetation in that season.

Adventure sports
Malawi’s highest peaks near 10, 000ft (3 000m), while the lowest point is just above sea level. Such range in altitudes over a small area helps the Malawi to offer one of the most varied landscapes in all Africa. On the whole it’s a green, lush country, with plateau, forests, mountains, highlands, escarpments and dramatic river valleys. The variety of scenery pulls the visitors and many of the forest reserves and highland areas provide good accommodation options, and plenty of outdoor activities varying from walking, hiking, horse riding and many more are available.

Another popular adventure sports in Malawi is horse riding. You may decide to enjoy one of the many horse-riding safaris on the Nyika Plateau. These safaris present the only way to explore the areas that have remained inaccessible to vehicles till date.