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The West bank of Africa is home to Ghana, a beautiful country filled with exotic cultures and friendly people. As part of the ‘Gold Coast,’ many westerners journeyed to Ghana in search of treasures. Now, it’s a golden tourist destination for people who want a vacation like no other.

When to visit
Ghana has two seasons: the summertime and the monsoon time. The best time to visit the country is from December to February. Expect rains during March to November. While it’s possible to visit Ghana during the rainy season, the roads leading to tourist sites and the trek paths in the mountains can be a bit slippery.

Getting in and around
You need to apply for a visa before you enter Ghana. You also need to be vaccinated for Yellow Fever as this is mandated for all tourists.

The main airport of the country is the Kotoka International Airport at Accra. Airlines that fly directly to Ghana include United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Astraeus, KLM, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Egypt Air, South African Airways, Turkish Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Emirates, and Ethiopian Airlines. Here you can hire taxis or shuttles to get to the different parts of the city.

If you want to roam around Ghana, you can hop on the CityLink Airlines to visit Accra or Kumasi. Train lines also stop at Nsawam and Tema. You can also ride the STC bus line which stops in major cities. To experience Ghanaian culture, ride a Tro-Tro, which is a 12-passenger van.

The great thing about Ghana is that most people speak English. Most documents are in English, so you won’t have any problem communicating – either by speaking or by writing.

Where to stay in Ghana
There are many hotels in Accra.

5-star accommodations include the Labadi Beach Hotel and the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra. There are also other good hotels which provide excellent services, such as the Novotel Accra City Center Hotel, Holiday Inn, Best Western Premier Accra Hotel, and the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, to name a few.

Ghana boasts of a number of delicious delicacies. One of the most famous is the Fufu, which is a soup of goat or fish with cassava, plantain or yam balls. Another is Jollof, which is made of rice, tomato sauce, meat, and vegetables.

The official denomination of the country is the Ghana Cedi. You can change your currency with the Ghana Cedi at the many money exchange counters in the city. You can also use your Visa or MasterCard credit card to make withdrawals at the ATMs.

At Ghana, bargaining at markets is a common sight. As long as you know how to ask for a discount, you will be given one.

Visit the village markets in Accra to purchase souvenirs such as beads, bags, Kente cloth, masks, and musical instruments, to name a few. The best souvenir to take home is the “Sacred Stool,” which bears the Adinkrah design. The most popular is the Gye Nyame which means “Only God.”

What to see in Ghana

Elmina Slave Castle
The Elmina Slave Castle was built in 1482, making it the oldest European fortification below the Sahara Desert. It is a UNESCO Heritage Site, and although it was first intended to be a trade center, it became an area for the selling of slaves in exchange with textiles and horses.

National Parks
Just like other African countries, Ghana is filled with beautiful national parks and wildlife reserves. Must-visit places include the Kakum National Park, which boasts of a long canopy walk. At this walk you can see the forest from up top. Birdwatchers will truly love these as many avian fauna can be seen at this height.

At the Mole National Park you can enjoy the wildlife of the African Savannah. Here you can sign up for walking and driving safaris where you can witness antelopes, monkeys, elephants, and lions, to name a few.

At the Shai Hills Reserve, you can see antelopes, baboons, and parrots. Horseback safari trips are famous in this wildlife reserve.

Beaches in Ghana
There are many beaches in Ghana which you would truly enjoy. One is the Cocoloco Beach at Ada Foah, where you can pitch a tent or sleep in bungalows. This beautiful beach is a great place to see in, and the perfect area to see sea turtles.

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