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Most culinary vacations in Africa are centered in South Africa or Morocco. That makes sightseeing and history all the more enjoyable, as you get the benefit of fine dining and wine. Probably, one reason for that is the concentration of international chefs in these two places.

Immerse yourself in a Moroccan culinary retreat
Moroccan cuisine is really diverse, mainly due to its centuries old interaction with other cultures and nations. It has been influenced by Berber, Mediterranean, Turkish and Arabian dishes. In due course, the French also made their contribution; so much so that it forms the base of the present day fine dining in Morocco.

An ideal culinary tour to Morocco should comprise of a stay in a traditional home, called Riad. Here, you can join cooking classes and learn how to hand-roll couscous with the Berber women. They also tell you how to mix exotic ingredients to prepare a delicious feast when you are back home. Cinnamon, ginger, saffron and paprika are staples of Moroccan cooking, of which you get a real taste. Enjoy shopping for groceries in the local markets.

La Maison Arabe is among the most recommended Riads in Marrakech. You can discover the secrets of Moroccan cuisine at the hotel’s world-famous cooking workshops. A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend your morning is to cook your own breakfast with the help of a translator cum guide and appreciate the unique flavours of Moroccan cuisine. Or you may ask it to be cooked in your presence.

In Fes, Morocco’s religious, cultural and its culinary capital, you get an opportunity to experience the preparation of Moroccan cuisine from the renowned Moroccan chef Lahcen Beqqi who conducts many culinary tours in and around his home city.

Go for a gourmet safari in South Africa
South Africans enjoy eating a variety of meats. Look at the diversity, ranging from ostrich to crocodile and everything in between. Nowhere else can you expect to learn which part of the crocodile is most suited for roasting in an open oven.

Explore the diversity of the heritage of South African food with Samp and Soufflé, specializing in luxury food adventures. The excursion includes visits to traditional authentic food markets and wine estates. You get hands-on cooking experiences with some of South Africa’s best-known chefs and well-informed wine makers.

Food plays an important role in the community life of the Cape Malay. They make typical curries for consumption in hot climate which are considered to keep the body cool. Bobotie and minced meat cooked with brown sugar, apricots and raisins is very popular. Koeksisters – luscious spiced doughnuts, dipped in syrup and rolled in desiccated coconut are a treat for any visitor. Savor all this on joining Andulela’s Cape Malay Cooking Safari, the best for Malay cuisine.

Chef Bruce Robertson, who was the chief chef of the glorious Cape Grace at Cape Town, to the delight of food loving tourists, conducts customized cooking tours for connoisseurs of food at the Mantis Collection properties, spread all over Southern Africa.
Before concluding the gourmet safari, you must visit the Cape Winelands. It’s an experience extraordinary, because you get both, excellent wineries and great food. Enjoy dining in the dramatic background of mountains that surround the thriving gardens of celebrated wine estate.

You won’t regret making a halt at the Spier, a wine farm known for its award winning wines. They offer a variety of foods, including the famous farm-to-table eating experience and other African cuisine. The boutique hotel here houses some of the best specimen of South African contemporary art.