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Angola is a country famous for its diamonds and oil reserves. It’s also home to diverse flora and fauna which makes it one of the best eco-tourist spots in Africa. If you are thinking of visiting Angola, then here are things you need to know about the country.

When to visit Angola
Angola has two seasons: a hot and rainy summer, and a cool, dry season. Suffice to say, the best time to visit the country is from May to October, when the temperature is not that hot, and there are no monsoons to get in your way. While it’s also okay to visit Angola during the summer months of November to April, you need to be prepared with occasional drizzles. It’s best to have a raincoat and umbrella in tow.

Where to stay in Angola
While there are several hotels in the country’s different provinces, most are concentrated in the capital of Luanda.

Top-ranked hotels include:

  • Talatona Convention Hotel
  • Epic Sana Luanda Hotel
  • Hotel Baia Luanda
  • Hotel Continental
  • Alvalade Hotel

The price ranges from $400-$500 per night.

Eat and drink

Because it was colonized by the Portuguese, its’ flavors were incorporated with Angolan dishes. Famous foods to try out while in Angola include the Chicken Muamba, which is made from chicken, garlic and okra. Another is the Caldeirada de cabrito, a goat meat stow commonly served during the Angolan Independence Day. As for desert, you need to try the Cocada amerela, which is yellow coconut pudding with coconut, egg yolks, and sugar.

As for liquors, Angola has an export-quality ale named the “Mongozo.” This homemade beer is made in the Lunda provinces. Other local-made beers include the Nocal, N’gola, and Eka.

What to see in Angola

Angolan National Parks

Like other African countries, Angola boasts of lush forests, beautiful mountains, and lovely savannahs which serve as home to many plants and animals. These settings make for the beautiful National Parks in Angola. One is the Cangandala National Park, which is located in the Malanje Province. Spanning over 600 square kilometers, Cangandala serves as home to about 170 bird species.

In Namibe Province lies the Iona National Park, the largest park in the country. Here you can see the Gazelle, Ostrich, Kudu, Oryx and Cheetah. Lovely rock formations also decorate this park’s landscape.

The Kissama National Park, on the other hand, covers 3 million acres of land. Before, it was home to elephants and Giant Sables. Although these creatures were depleted by poaching, they have been replaced with animals from the parks of neighboring Botswana.

Mussulo Island

Angola also has a beautiful beach by the Mussulo Island. With its calm waters and pristine white sands, it’s a destination you should not miss while in the country. Here you can take a dip, go sunbathing, or read a book underneath the palm trees.

Cave paintings

Angola also boasts of prehistoric cave paintings – the Tchitundu Hulu Paintings.