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Thousands of people have a dream of going on safari and imagine themselves sitting at the back of an open top 4×4 truck, taking complicated and winding off-roads and dusty trails with their binoculars in hand, waiting for a glimpse of a pride of lions, zebra and elephant, giraffe and wildebeest and many more. They want to take back exciting memories of a lion bringing down its prey or elephants frolicking in the mud pools, pictures of the relentless plains in the sizzling sun, a real African safari. This is a typical scene from a typical African safari, but it is the options today that you can choose that make it the kind of safari you choose because they all cover different levels of luxury, adventure and comfort. You will have to decide which type you like, because they can vary from adventure safaris to hot air ballooning, to beach camping and even walking safaris.

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Road safaris

The typical traditional road safari will involve travelling from the main towns and cities to the game reserve of your choice via road. Time is very important here, as it allows you to truly appreciate the beauty of the surroundings close up as you driving through the wilderness. An excursion like this is often embarked on in groups of other likewise enthusiasts, which gives you the opportunity to experience and meet with people from all walks of life and from many different countries. A camping safari will involve living in the African bush amongst exquisite flora and fauna for several days within any of Africa’s glorious game reserves and national parks. You will be able to listen to a whole different assortment of large, dangerous wildlife living in close proximity to you. For some, the sounds of the wild can be nerve-racking but you will certainly have an unforgettable and exhilarating experience on your African safari.

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Flying-in safaris

Fly-in safaris are perhaps a safer way of experiencing the best of Africa, especially for those who are limited for time, or don’t like the thought of driving relentlessly in 4×4’s in search of Africa’s vast animal kingdom on the African plains. With fly in safaris, you get to be whizzed from your accommodation to your game reserve of choice where a plane will let you view the plains and animals literally from a bird’s eye view. Sometimes it is the pilot who serves as the guide, and often remains with you for the duration of your safari. Usually games drives will also be undertaken in between some flights, and this will enable you to sample the wonders of the scenery and species really up close.

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Going on safari is not like any other kind of holiday. Here you will be travelling to a distant location so you need to put a lot of thought into your planning stage to make sure that you have a hassle-free safari, and that the particular type of safari choice is the one that particular meeting your requirements. One thing is for sure, if you are a true animal and nature lover, you will certainly have the time of your life.

Walking Safaris

Walking safaris is another type of safari that is part of the wide range of safaris that are being offered. It is these types of safaris that are offered in large national parks like the Serengeti National Park Safaris.

So what exactly are walking safaris? Real walking safaris take place over a number of days. Visitors get to walk between camps that are situated around that particular camp or lodge. Besides walks, some safari parks give visitors the opportunity to enjoy game drives as well. Visitors sleep in tents and are able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and magnificent views. Therefore, these experiences make your safari holiday a time you will never forget. Some lodges and camps offer walking safaris in the mornings and afternoons.

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Self-drive Safaris

The other type of safari is the self-drive safaris. These types of safaris have become very popular and give visitors the opportunity to decide on how to spend their day. Camps and lodges that offer this safari allow visitors to have camps or to take the accommodations that they have available. These accommodations are usually very affordable and the parks also provide the visitors with guided game drives. With self-drive safaris, visitors are able to personally enjoy the wild’s open road and have their own experience with the wildlife. Self-drive safaris are usually loved by individuals that are adventurous and love the thrill of getting into the wild and enjoy all that it has to offer. These types of safaris are also perfect for those individuals that are used to the wild and used to going on safari trips.

River Safaris

River safaris are another type of safari that visitors can enjoy. A lot of camps and lodges that have beautiful rivers actually offer this type of safari. Some of them also give visitors the chance to see game by boat and also give them the choice to go on game drives. This type of safari is a lot more different compared to all the other types of safaris. It gives visitors a more relaxing and tranquil experience, yet still entertaining and filled with a lot of thrill and excitement. You can also enjoy what’s called motor boat safaris and canoe safaris. These types of safaris are usually made part of the activities that are offered in some national parks and are offered in the mornings and afternoons.