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Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Uganda and Rwanda


The best recommendable species to go for tracking in Uganda And Rwanda are the mountain gorillas which are accompanied by chimpanzees. These endangered species can only be found in three destinations that is Bwindi and Mgahinga parks in Uganda, Volcanoes in Rwanda and Virunga park in DR. Congo. It is very possible for you to see the endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda so long as you do possess a gorilla permit. There are other gorilla species which can be seen in other countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo though these are not mountain gorillas. They are called the low land gorillas. They are also found in the Botswana in the Odzala – Kokoua National Park.

The major discrepancy between the low land and the mountain gorillas is that low land gorillas tend to be smaller and do have very brownish-gray coast and pronounced brow ridge, while the mountain gorillas of Uganda and the Republic of Rwanda are very large with quick black coats. They are the rarest primate in the world with a few population living in the wild. The number of the lowland gorillas outweigh the mountain gorillas

The mountain gorilla permit of Uganda and Rwanda.

The mountain gorilla permit of Rwanda increased to $ 750 per person, while that of Uganda increased from $ 500 to $ 600. When you are with this permit and with the mountain gorillas, it will take you almost an hour to spend with these gorillas. You are required to be in groups of 8 people. When you pay this money, you will contribute to the best preservation of these gorillas and as a thank you; you will get to spend about an hour with these mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda. Approximately 80 people are allowed to trek gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda respectively and they get to see them in their natural habitat. As a client, every time you walk through the forest you will be leaving a foot print at least.

How easy can I access the mountain gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda?

For the land of a thousand hill, there is an easiest provision for gorilla tracking. This is because it provides the easiest access for gorilla trekking therefore, take this as part of your best option if you are coming for a gorilla tracking safari within these two countries. For the case of Uganda, the mountain gorillas are quite far as you will be required to move in the wilderness in search of these mountain gorillas. The town of Ruhengeri in Rwanda is considered as the jumping off point for the trekking experience in the Volcanoes National Park. It is only a few hours’ drive on excellent roads from the capital or her international airport- Kigali. Watching the gorillas of Uganda is more of a process and it involves an 8-10 hour drive from the international airport in Entebbe

Why gorilla trekking is considered difficult some times?

For you to see these mountain gorillas, it can necessitate you to move from 2-4 hours of hiking in order for you to find these endangered apes. In both countries that is Uganda and the Republic of Rwanda, it is usually a long day the hikes do vary and these depend on the location where the animals spent the night and which troop you are seeing. It has been concluded that the Rwanda experience is slightly easier while those in the Uganda are a little bit more strenuous though; there are no guarantees either way. The trekking experience takes place 8000-10, 0000 feet above the sea level and is not high enough for altitude sickness but just high enough to knock the breath. Thus, visitors who are spending some time in Rwanda might think very seriously about leaving their gorilla tracking until they have been in the country.

What things should you carry on your gorilla trekking experience.

Rain Jacket: you must carry a rain jacket with you because in these countries climate is unpredictable and due to the thick forests of Virunga and Bwindi, they influence the climate a lot. In this i mean it can rain at anytime.

Waterproof bag: You will need a good waterproof day pack in which you can pack the things you will be bringing along.

Good Hiking Boots: You need waterproofed hiking boots since you will have to hike though the thick forest for the gorillas which do hide in the mountains. These will help you from thorns to injure you body and they are good in slippery areas.

Long Trousers – they can be jeans – khaki zip-up trousers – but they have to be long-sleeved. A long-sleeved shirt is also necessary. Both protect you against nettles, branches, thorns and anything else that can scratch you.

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